"I once was blind but Now IC!"

"I once was blind but Now IC!"

I shall receive what God has planned for me. Once my heart perceives that which my minds conceived, then I will achieve what has been hid in me. As long as I believe, in he who strengthens me, then I shall achieve as he has promised me. By faith I see, what’s been revealed to me, I used to be blind but now IC.

Intuitive Creations Media Group is a developer and producer of positive content that inspires positive change in the lives of troubled youth and incarcerated adults.

At IC Media Group our goal is to provide resources and create solutions that increase the possibility and probability of success in the lives of families who have been affected by death and or mass incarceration.

Our resources consist of books, curriculum, apparel, and programs that build capacity in inner-city organizations to assist individuals headed in the wrong direction see their decisions in relation to the possible consequences and rewards of their actions.


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