July MADE Men Inmate Letter  (Fano / Pudge)

July MADE Men Inmate Letter (Fano / Pudge)

MADE Men July
Monthly Motivation

July 15, 2018

Dear Brothers,

It is so good to reach out to you this evening in spirit and truth. We have been given access to all things and every spiritual blessing in heavenly places. I would just like to encourage you to stand firm and fully founded and grounded in and on your faith. I will not be before you long, as I would like to relay some words of encouragement that were delivered to me. Words of hope and renewal, words to inspire your hearts to seek refuge in the mist of your solitude and time of building that is making you stronger, wiser, and better prepared for your future. Without further ado, here are those words from Fano and then Pudge.

Hey Brother's,
I first want to say I hope that this scribe finds 's all in great health and spirit's knowing God is Good and Good is God! I also hope that everything you guy's love is in the same space! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY AS WELL...

I have this book called "My light and My Salvation" it's like a daily bread! The title for today was Cheering Us On! Talking about how the people before us successfully made it as they ran their race and how God works in and through us so that we may bear fruit long after we leave earth, it's father's day and we have to teach and live a Godly life for our children so that they can live a great life! See we tend to think what we think a father is to our kids; but why don't we go to the one and only father when we find ourselves out of answers to guide our family's? Don't we know that he's the one with the blueprint on our lives’? Look at us right now at this moment have y'all looked in the mirror lately? I did and I use to put the blame on other's on why I’m in here and having hate in my heart but I prayed on it and God told me to let it go as bad as I wanted to follow my flesh I gave it to him and he gave me the understanding that I don't have to hate but just not mess with people because some are wicked! It was a big burden off my shoulder's and knowing that my decision's making got me here... This can be a blessing or a curse, yeah I’m getting out but that doesn't mean shit if I don't do shit with it? Shout out to all the creek boy's who doing them L's and keeping their prayer's going up and just keep fighting! I know y'all like it's easy for him to say but here's a little encouragement Daniel was lied on and thrown in a den of lion's because of jealousy's by people who hated him and didn't want him as second in command so they manipulating the king because they didn't want him, Vice-King,. Then Daniel even had the king praying on his behalf even after he sent him to his death, but the king couldn't bare it so he went to check on him guess what? Daniel was alive because God sent angles to shut the lion's mouth the king was impressed with God's power he sent the ones that plotted on Daniel, to their death's, if that is possible in prayer! Then so can yours but you have to go to God with an open and sincere heart and in some way, he will show you his power! 
Chuckie I love how you have grown and actually taking this time serious to Know Thyself because it's important to do so that you can be the controller of your life instead of someone else besides God! I agree with everything you said but believe it's going to be hard when it's your time but with faith, everything will come together! Stay focused everybody and I send my love and I’ll be work with Bro when I touch so get at me when ya'll can... Changes comes with Growth and Development! Only when you're ready! LOVE OR TO MY LATINO'S AMOR 




What’s up a father can build a relationship with they children because they know the ends in out of things and they have gone through a lot of the things that the children of our community are trying to go through but we face a bigger problem because sometimes we don't know how to be a father because we never had one in our life and its hard because we were children ourselves having children and some of us haven't matured u know but one thing for sure and two things for certain as we grow we start learning what not to do u know but some know and some don't know but we realize when its time to want better for our children and don't want them to go through what we went through in our life so we try to be better than what our parents did u know. Even though my daughter mother don't be there for my daughter I still try to reach out to her but she feels like I let her down and don't want to say it. Its hard but what’s real is rare.....

Blessings Brothers and get with me when you can!
MUCH LOVE, Your Brother.
B.D. StreetPriest
The OVG LifeStyle Co.
P.O. Box 4162
Battle Creek, MI


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