June MADE MEN Motivational Letter

June MADE MEN Motivational Letter

Byron (B.D.) Alexander
The OVG LifeStyle Co.
P.O. Box 4162
Battle Creek, MI 49016


MADE Men June
Monthly Motivation
June 15, 2018

Dear Brothers,

Blessing and Honor from me and Our Lord Jesus Christ! It is an exciting time in my life as we approach Father’s Day 2018. No matter what the circumstance, no one can stop us from being fathers to our children and our communities at large! It is very important that we take responsibility as men to father who we can and where we can. Today, (this month) I would like to share another message from our brother “Lil Chuckie” who surprises me with every letter of encouragement I receive. There are some people in life that we feel will never change, though with God all things are possible. This young man is growing, maturing and empowering at a staggering pace! I always mention how much I gain from you all through our communications with one another. God uses you all in many ways to keep me on point. Chuck’s message came to me yesterday and was right on time. On my agenda, I planned to write the monthly motivation without the topic of fatherhood or Father’s Day on my mind. My message was going to be simply to stay focused and encouraged but his letter brought a new light to me and is in line with what I face currently.
My issue has become the enlightenment that there is a huge difference between fatherhood and mentorship. I am required to be a father and called to be a mentor. What I have been facing is a deliberate attack on my son and our relationship where it comes to the young men I mentor. Most of them don’t have their fathers actively involved which at times causes some animosity or resentment for what my son has in me as a father. This new revelation has caused me reanalyze not only my assignment and mission but also my obligation to my own family and children that I am accountable to God for training up. Not only has this become evident in the mentees but also with my son because in our mentorship settings he is a mentee who is treated the same as those I mentor. With the demographic we work with, there are things that the youth are accustom to that I don’t even allow my son to consider. In consideration of that fact there are times when my own child feels disrespected and or under-privileged.
I say all of this to say that as men, we must be there for our own children and make sure that they have what they need before we can worry about anyone else, including ourselves. If we all step up to father our children, our neighbors, nieces, nephews and cousins… We can do a world of good for our society. So men, Let’s stand to take our rightful places as fathers in our community. Please stay encouraged because this is not the end. I wish I could be more on point with these things than I am, as I do what I can. Without a team… there is only so much I can do, so hopefully as the brothers are released, you all can come in with me and pick up some of the slack. My focus is on the books, music and making these motivational videos but, enough of about me… Here are Chuck’s word and after that, a word from Brother Kevin Hoover 100!!
In my eyes, a father is tha Alpha male who is to lead and show his pack tha way. He is to show and teach his children, family and friends and his kids kids tha ways of life. Never shall he teach how to wrong, only should he teach to right. As a Alpha myself I only want for all my brothers who's reading this message is to teach your kids, friends and family to go about life tha right way. Teach them how to lead, be Successful and have Independence. To have Faith, Loyalty, Honor, Courage and Respect for all Authority and Adults. Never mislead our young for they only gone see then repeat, let's let them repeat what's right!!!!!! God knows as I know many fathers and mothers is tired of losing our kids to senseless violence that could be prevented. It all starts at tha root which is when are young is still adolescents. So if you are a father stand up and step up to what u created. Talk to them, ask them as their Father how can u help them ask them what they need from u as their Father? Even in our worst predicaments I kno we still can teach are young right from wrong. I ask y'all as my bro's to stand up right now today, and help make a change in are society for are little ones is lost. How hard is it to instill in your child to follow God's way tha right way? A Father is to be Idolized a Role Model.................(HAPPY FATHER'S DAY). -Bro, Chuck

-Therefore, putting away lying, “Let each one of you speak the truth, with his neighbor (friends) or (peers) for we are members of one another” –Ephesians 4:25

My brothers and sisters, this is a short brief of my where abouts. To the OVG Group, I’ve been really busy taken time out to learn my case. Keeping my spirits high, with the right people and the good book (Real Spit!). I truly appreciate your firm taking time out to send me a letter of companionship; nothing more like that bond/relationship at times. I hope you well on your new book “B.D.” coming soon. I got faith it’s going to be a good seller on shelves, websites or ect. I’m also proud that you are keepin’ a clear head out there in the “Storm.” As we have other names for society environment clutterness also; but that’s what I call it at this time is the “Storm.” Tell the bro’s I said what’s up and for the new model it’s Ephesians 4:25!!

Blessing to our brother, Kev "Hoover" and I went to the “K” (WK), Central and Graduated together in the same class. Thank you for those blessed words and Happy Father’s Day to all! We all Have a chance today to lead the way!
Your Brother,

B.D. StreetPriest


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