MADE Men Commission

MADE Men Commission

Men Against Destructive Environments

MADE Men Commission 

Thursday's 3:00pm at Washington Heights United Methodist

Our goal is to empower others by providing resources and creating solutions to inspire both the possibility and probability of their success.

Made man (noun) Plural noun: made men

A man whose success in life is assured

Commission (noun) - 1: a warrant granting certain powers and imposing certain duties. 2: a certificate conferring military rank and authority.  3: authority to act as agent for another.  4: a body of persons charged with performing duties5: the doing of some act of crime.

 Commission 2 (verb) – 1: to give a commission to.  2: to order to be made (a portrait). 

3: to put (a ship) into a state of readiness for service.

What is The M.M.C.?

The M.M.C. is made up of professional men from the inner-city creating solutions for urban youth and young adults in vulnerable situations. These community members will speak positive oppose to the negative things many of the young people we will work with face.      


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