MADE Mom's Connection

MADE Mom's Connection

The OVG M.A.D.E. Mom’s





The OVG LifeStyle Co.

MADE Mom’s Connection is a concept of bringing local mother’s together on a weekly basis to discuss what they can do as parents to help their children succeed. During their time together, mothers will discuss strategies for moving forward through the obstacles each mother faces with their child. This strategy serves as an opportunity for these young mothers to participate in preventing many of the issues before they occur.

The OVG MADE Men LifeStyle Co. is made up of men from families who have been affected by death and incarceration. Our Urban Outreach Philosophy helps men to see; who they are, who they have become and who they were created to be. 

The OVG motto is that if each one reaches one then we can teach some; because it only takes one to change for all to change!

B.D. Alexander of Battle Creek wants them remembered, though, and wants to help families who have relatives incarcerated navigate that time spent apart. The writer and speaker operates a company called OVG that seeks to connect with families of those incarcerated, as well as provide help in directing young people away from committing crimes.

OVG's mission is to fight fatherlessness by preventing death & incarceration among individuals from negative background. 

The OVG Urban Outreach Strategies add value to urban institutions by equipping groups with the resources to reach and inspire trouble youth and incarcerated adults.




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