(MAY) MADE Men Monthly Motivation (Inmate Letter)

(MAY) MADE Men Monthly Motivation (Inmate Letter)

Byron (B.D.) Alexander

The OVG LifeStyle Co.

P.O. Box 4162

Battle Creek, MI 49016

 MADE Men May

Monthly Motivation

May 1, 2018

My Brothers,

          What it do? Peace and blessings be with you all. Glory be to God, the Father and Creator of us all. It has been some time since I’ve exercised my privilege of writing you. It has not been for the bad though. Since July, when I last wrote (other than Birthday cards sent out last year) so my things have occurred. One was me writing a new book I’ll be dropping July 4th about growing up in Battle Creek entitled, Growing Up Black in America “The Many Colors of S-Dot. The book talks about my come up from birth and the struggles of losing parents, siblings, relatives and friends to the struggle. The struggle is real and I feel it to the fullest cause the people out here ain’t playing right and the pressure is on. All we can do though is keep the faith and understand that no weapon formed against us shall prosper because greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world.

The pressure is on every day and even more out here. There are so many distractions and technologies to keep up with, making it easy to get caught up in the shuffle. Me, I’m keeping my eyes forward and looking straight ahead towards what God has in store. I pray this letter reaches you in good spirits and blesses you in what areas are fitting. This year, I have been strictly committed to building the brands and the cornerstone products that will be most effective in reaching the youth. Building a platform for us to use our story as a gateway for change. I want to thank every brother who reaches out to me because your words edify and encourage others as well. Anytime I get a message I am sure to put it out (unless I misplace the information) which I have been know to do a time or two. By all means write, I love to hear from you and spread your messages as it is appropriate.

Without further a due, here is a message from the Lil Homie Chuckie out of Orchard Park said in February this year.  Bro Bro, long time no hear but cool I know u out there working'. Anywayz, I hope all is good your way. I got a strong deep message I want u to shoot out inside the monthly motivational… Its easy for us to read something and then say "aww that’s real or he or she is right". But then the very next minute were in contradiction mode falling backwards. Positive thoughts bring forth Positive actions. I say all of this to say that we as a (Body) who's sincere with the CHANGE must keep at uplifting one another and encouraging the younger generation to change. Not just the younger generation but the adult generation as well. We (Must) rebuild our community and restructure the mind sets of our whole community, not just a few people. One person can infect several and those several can infect 10x more than just that one. Our bro BD The Street Priest has done that to us and we got to salute him. Name somebody who take their time as the homie? Also thank our God for giving him the Gift to be able to want to help so many who's in and not in the struggle. One more thing!!!!!! For all who gives any "Insight" its easy to write it all on paper but the real gone tell all when we're released. Just ask yourself are u gone be the same voice u are today, or will u fall back into Sin.........? 

Bro, Chuck

Mann, that was powerful and written from the heart! I salute Chuck for the growth and maturity he has been able to gain since being behind the wall. It can only get better from here if we do what we know to do. On another note. Soon I will be recording and releasing some music that I’ve been putting together and that has kept me busy too. I will figure out how to get it in the system up there. Other than that, all is well and I will be in touch more often. Things are mostly situated and programs for the youth will be underway shortly. Mainly, I want to encourage you to keep your head above water and stay true to who you are! There is no time like the present because it shapes and positions our future. It is up to us to maximize every moment of our lives for the best of ourselves and those around us. It is imperative that before we make moves in life, we must count up the cost. Its up to us to use our past experiences to improve the futures of others.

Please feel free to touch bases with me at any time at the P.O. Box above. I send a special shot out to my Blood Brother Gregory Alexander (#FreeGTA) serving that “L” sentence. Glory Be to God we getting some strong legal assistance and things are going in our favor. I send my love and prayers to the ones who are responsible for these struggles my elder brother has been forced to endure. Those whom I speak of, who hold this letter reading today; we truly appreciate your cooperation in setting the record straight. When we are young, we make young dumb mistakes and forgiveness is the key to unlock our future possibilities. I told my son who is now 10, “The problem isn’t being wrong… the problem is finding out your wrong and not being man enough to go back and admit it. The crazy part of the whole thing is; the lesson wasn’t for my son, it was for me! I thought I gave him something, and he said I didn’t but I swore I had. We argued up and down to the point he was in tears. I was wrong and manned up to make it right. Also, special shot out to my Spiritual Brother Mark Porter, My Street Brother Shawn “S.B”, and my Little Brother Fano Davis who will be home very soon!

Much Love, Your Brother,

B.D. StreetPriest


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