OVG Programming Solutions

OVG Programming Solutions

OVG Urban Outreach Program Solutions
M.A.D.E. Study Courses 

Reading and writing literacy comprehension programs designed to inspire positive change in the hearts and minds of vulnerable youth and incarcerated young adults. Through relatable literature, we add value to inner-city organizations by equipping them with the resources to prevent death and incarcerations among urban youth.

 Incarceration Outreach Courses:

  • Life Courses: 20-week juvenile, jail, and prison outreach program designed to empower incarcerated young men from urban environments with the skills and techniques necessary to inspire positive change in their lives. The goal is to ignite inward transformation that produces behavior modification to prevent further misfortune in their lives through weekly teachings. 


Spiritual Awareness Courses:

  • Faith Worx Won!: 20-week youth outreach empowerment program geared to impart presence of mind through spiritual awareness in the spirit and soul of our nations young people. Faith Worx Won! Is a 4-hour weekly course designed to be held weekly for 5-months, every Sunday evening at local churches.
  • Faith Worx Too!!: 20-week youth outreach empowerment program geared to impart presence of mind through spiritual awareness in the spirits and souls of our nation’s young people.  Faith Worx Too!! Is a 4-hour weekly program designed to be run weekly for the duration of 5-months, on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening, depending on what days work best for each individual organization.


Education Promotion Course:

  • Life, Death & Money: An urban educational entrepreneurship program designed to shift the minds of young people from making illegal money to a mindset of earning a legitimate income. Promote the importance of acquiring knowledge by introducing young men to collegiate environments, teaching that great learners become great earners. Information pays in the end!


Education Persuasion Course:

  • 2 Cool 4 Skool: is a 20 week Michigan Bible Release Time course designed to empower young men who have issues behaving in school with the mental and spiritual tools necessary to stay in school. This program is available to be held at local churches located in close proximity to a middle school or high schools in Michigan who desire to create a platform to spread the gospel to troubled youth.


Programs Available in Addition to:

  • *We Write 2 Re-Write His>Story: A positive literary initiative designed to inspire local citizens and incarcerated young adults to read, write and communicate encouragement. We add value to inmates through newsletters, personal letters and weekly correspondence course to the prisoner from members of their community.
  • Weekend Bend: A recreational alternative to counter the negativity surrounding youth and young adults in our urban Society today. This program is beneficial when incorporated as an incentive to any M.A.D.E. Men Study Course. This is a great program to attract more youth to the educational courses the organization offers. This program is held one Friday a month for 4-months through the durations of the M.A.D.E. Men Study Courses.
  • Str8 <> w/ B.D. StreetPriest: Youth empowerment seminars geared to tackle the real-life issues teens and young adults face that are not covered in the standard OVG  M.A.D.E. Men Study Courses. These sessions are topics based sessions in a talk show type atmosphere. Str8 <>Talk sessions are one Saturday a month for 4 months through the duration of any M.A.D.E. Men Study Course. This program is also available as B.D. StreetPriest keynote event.


B.D. StreetPriest Keynote Speeches: Motivational speeches are topic based inspirational events that are geared to reach vulnerable youth and at-risk young adults and elevate them to a higher station in life. Through his life experiences, B.D. delivers his message to address the problems youth face in each individual organization, making his voice dynamically distinct from other speakers. One speech can relate to only so many, so B.D. has made a commitment to the organizations he serves to focus his messages on the issues the organization feels are most important in guiding their youth towards success. Going beyond the fruit, to study the root, B.D. inspire change.


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