OVG Purpose, Mission, Vision

OVG Purpose, Mission, Vision

O.T.I.S. Vision Group

Urban Outreach Consulting Firm

Outreach Treatment w/ Innovative Solutions

Our mission is to help communities fight fatherlessness by implementing strategies to prevent death and incarcerations among individuals who’ve been affected by death and or mass incarceration.

The purpose of this movement is to add value to urban institutions and neighborhoods groups by equipping organizations with the resources to increase the likelihood of success with the clients they serve.

Through education, motivation, and dedication we promote positive living, positive thinking and positive decision making in our society. Our company offers products, programs, and presentations that inspire positive change in the lives of troubled youth and incarcerated adults.

Using literacy comprehension strategies, we encourage young people to broaden their horizons through positive literature that increases their awareness of the obstacles vulnerable individuals face.

Our vision is to see individuals from negative environments, transformed and reformed into law abiding citizens with marketable skills.


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