The OVG Affirmation of Faith

I shall receive what God has planned for me. Once my heart perceives that which my minds conceived, then I will achieve what has been hid in me. As long as I believe, in he who strengthens me, then I shall achieve as he has promised me. By faith I see, what’s been revealed to me, I used to be blind but now IC.

OVG is the change we see, staking our claim to fame by inspiring change. It’s more than some slogan or sweet cliché, OVG is a lifestyle and the truth is the way. O.V.G. stands for O.T.I.S. Vision Group and we go beyond the surface to study the roots. O.T.I.S. is acronym for Outreach Treatment with Innovative Solutions which is a fight to prevent fatherlessness by reducing the shootings.

We foresee young men from destructive environments transformed and molded into productive citizens with marketable skill but how can this happen if a third get locked up and others get killed? We don’t only look to see change through outward behavior modification but seek to see inward change through self-transformation. We prevent misfortune by teaching young people how to avoid death and incarceration which creates a more equitable society and a safer nation.


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