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A Digital FlipBook - Follow the Exit Sign Volume: 2 (3 of 3)

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A Digital FlipBook is an enhanced version of an eBook with more interactive features and online page turning functions.

Follow the Exit Sign 2: Destroy & Rebuild (3 of 3) Digital FlipBook

Follow The Exit Sign 2: Destroy & Rebuild is the 3rd novel in the Follow the Exit Signs Series by which the trilogy continues with fictional character to describe many of the mistakes made as a result of trauma between high school graduation and the time the author was twenty-one. From the church to selling work... 

Fresh off a drug raid performed by local, regional, and state authorities in Follow the Exit Sign Volume: 1 "Hustler from the Start, Anointed at Heart. The main character must decide how to move forward with his life as he awaits receiving a warrant that stems from the criminal charges faced as a result of guns and drugs found at his property. Staying out of the game though, will not be an easy path.

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