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Black in America - Novel + Counteractive Trauma Workbook (Paperbacks)

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How I Grew Up, Black in America "The Many Colors of S-Dot" Counteractive Trauma Workbook Set with (2) Digital FlipBooks + (2) Paperbacks

How I Grew Up, Black in America "The Many Colors of S-Dot" is the introductory novel in the Follow the Exit Sign Book Series. This book addresses the author's experiences as a child dealing with environmental, educational, and institutional trauma as it relates to the way his adverse childhood experiences shaped his early adolescent years.  

How I Grew Up, Black in America and its supporting resources are Part: 1 (1 of 3) in the Follow the Exit Sign SeriesThis 32,000-word novel is a detailed memoir on the early life of B.D. Alexander's journey of forgiveness to get to where he is to accomplish what he has thus!

The Counteractive Traumatized Workbook is a 10 Lesson interactive journal designed to transform trauma into a life of resilience.  

Intuitive Creations Media Group develops and produces positive content to inspires positive change in the hearts, minds and lives of traumatized youth and adults.

These tools consist of books, curriculum, programs, and apparel to build capacity in homes and inner-city organizations that assist individuals and families in seeing their action in relation to the possible consequences and rewards of their decisions.

IC Media Group's goal is to provide resources and solutions to increase the possibility and probability of success among families affected by crime and incarceration.