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Why Support OVG? (5) MENTORSHIP TRAINING in Life Courses

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As an individual you can donate to the work we do at OVG. 

The OVG is a company that uses Urban Outreach Strategies to add value to inner-city organizations and urban institutions by equipping groups with resources that inspire positive change in the lives of trouble youth and incarcerated adults. 

OVG's mission is to fight fatherlessness by preventing death & incarceration among individuals from negative background. 

Our vision is to see individuals from destructive environments transformed reformed into law abiding citizens who possess marketable skills. 

The OVg MADE Men LifeStyle Co. is made up of men from families who have been affected by death and incarceration. Our Urban Outreach Philosophy helps men to see; who they are, who they have become and who they were created to be. 

Through Products, Programs and Positions;
We help young men know the right decisions to make in urban society. Our goal is to impact young men who are headed in the wrong direction.