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Mission Statement: To add value to inner-city organizations by equipping them with the information necessary to inspire positive change in the hearts and minds of vulnerable youth and incarcerated young adults. We provide resources and create solutions that increases both the possibility and probability of their success with the clients they serve.

M.A.D.E. Men

Study Courses

M.A.D.E. Men Study Courses are designed to transform young men from destructive environments into productive citizens with marketable skills. Through relatable literature, positive programs and proficient presentations, we fight fatherlessness by preventing death and incarcerations among urban young people. OVG programs help participants obtain vital life skill to survive urban society in the following areas:

  • Spiritual Awareness (faith based lessons)
  • Community Male Involvement
  • Character Development
  • Literary Comprehension
  • Language Arts

As Follow the Signs book clubs, our twenty-week literacy comprehension programs help young men realize who they are, who they have become and who they were created to be. This is accomplished by helping participants recognize where they are, by analyzing where they come from and pointing them in the direction which they were predestined to go.   This come be done, through…

Educate          >>      the Mind         >>              Mental          

            Motivate           >>           the Soul          >>            Social

Dedicate        >>       the Spirit        >>             Spiritual